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  • Designed for safe and convenient use of essential oils.
  • Durable but at the same time lightweight construction.
  • With integrated ultrasonic technology.
  • The imitation of dark wood will fit perfectly in any interior.
  • With LED lamps, you will be able to choose from 7 different colors, creating a pleasant and cozy environment for you.
  • It is possible to adjust the time. You can choose 1, 3, 6-hour modes or continuous evaporation. The device will automatically turn off after a set time.
  • It works especially quietly, so you can enjoy aromatherapy everywhere, both in the kitchen and in the bedroom.
  • Perfect for use not only at home, at work, but also in dog or cat kennels, animal shelters, animal hotels, veterinary clinics, animal spas.
  • Talpa – 550 ml.


Dimensions: 168 mm x 168 mm x 210 mm.



Diffuser capacity: 550 ml
Input:  AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output:  DC 24V 650mA
Power:  14W
Timer mode:  1 h/3 hours/6 hours
LED bulb:  7 removable colors
Drizzle:  Weak/Strong
Material:  PP/ABS/PCAdvanced ultrasonic
Technology:  2.4 MHz




Press the Mist button, select a time of 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or turn on for an unlimited period (ON). To select a weak or strong drizzle, press and hold the button: 1 beep indicates the setting of a strong drizzle, 2 beeps – setting a weak drizzle.

Light control:

Press theLightbutton to turn on THE LED light, the color will change automatically. PresstheLightbutton again to set the color. Pressthe Light button again to change the color. To turn off the light, press and hold the button.

49,99 €
Delivery time 6-8 weeks

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